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Vector Design and Logos
Tutoring available in the Ventura County area! Over 15 years of my professional experience has been in web and vector design with animation and motion graphics projects under my belt. I am an expert in the Adobe Creative Suite, with vector graphics being my specialty, and am a fan of clean design.

I have worked on logos,print materials/brochures, web sites, animation and motion graphic effects for videos/film and in short films as director and creative consultant.

I currently teach art at a middle school, and accomodate evening classes or the weekend for emerging digital artists and for those that want to take up a new hobby. I have a workshop available with computers and a 120" screen that allows those that I tutor to comfortably follow along. I truly enjoy what I do and am always thrilled when I see others succeed with their dreams and goals. Do not hesitate to contact me.
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